Benefits: Conclusion

The benefits of using biodiesel are numerous and complex. These benefits contribute to the network that holds our communities and society together. They support the life on our planet in a positive way for all.

Biodiesel is not hazardous to living beings or the environment. Using biodiesel promotes healthy life and a healthy environment.

  • Non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Reduces harmful pollutants emitted into the air
  • Reduction greenhouse gasses slows global warming Decreases amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere
  • Utilizes waste products

The agricultural industry will be expanded through the use of biodiesel. The devastating effects of corporate agribusiness practices would be tempered and the small farmer would be able to survive and return to the community as a viable component. On the mechanical side, performance is increased.

  • Damage to crops from pollution and gases would be reduced.
  • New products and uses would be added to feedstock possibilities
  • Reduces waste products
  • Promotes a balanced carbon cycle
  • Provides a means to reinvigorate and expand agriculture
  • Increases life of engine
  • Burns cleaner
  • Safer than petroleum fuels

By far, economics is the most complex portion in considering the benefits of biodiesel. Economics is impacted by the benefits in all areas. In addition, the petroleum industry is so deeply embedded into our society that it is an integral part of almost every segment of our culture. The national dependence on this industry has lead to many abuses as well as irrational policies and actions.

  • Health costs are reduced markedly.
  • Reduces economic losses to our agricultural industry.
  • Keeps money in local communities and regions as well as within the nation.
  • Aids in re-balancing trade deficits.
  • Reduces reliance on foreign oil and resulting difficulties.

It is our hope that as you went through this section on benefits you have gained some idea of the complexity which we face, as a community, society, and nation in addressing our energy issues. These issues are not just found at the gas pump. They permeate all levels and aspects of society. They are human issues and life sustaining issues. If we are to deal with the energy problems we face today, we must look at our everyday practices, our economic practices, and our political practices and make changes that go far beyond what kind of fuel we will put in our vehicles.

Biodiesel is a part of one solution to a much larger problem. It is a viable part of the solution and it is one that addresses many levels. Some may support its use for environmental or health reasons. Others may consider the impact biodiesel has on our agricultural industry and the localization of the fuel industry, which is pivotal to our society. Still others may consider the simplicity of performance, possibly in conjunction with other benefits. Finally, there are those who will look at the overall economic picture and its political impact. For whatever reason, more and more people, communities, businesses, and agencies are switching to this alternative. It's hard to imagine, I wonder if the world will smell like one big French fry someday.